Classification of Usage - Which group do I fall under?

Group A – Exempt from Fee
a) Special requests for placement in the “Exempt from Fee” category will be given consideration by the Superintendent of Corporate Services and dealt with on an individual basis.
b) All activities or programs sponsored by groups within the school system, such as: parent-teacher association meetings, school council meetings, student council activities and employee union or federation meetings.
c) All activities or programs of recognized youth groups under the leadership of a responsible adult, such as: Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, 4-H, Junior Farmers and Church Youth Groups.
d) Registered charitable organizations may be exempt (charitable number may be requested) such as: Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society.
e) Use of school facilities for municipal election purposes are deemed to be “Exempt from Fee”.
Group B – Adult Activity/Cost Recovery (subsidized fees)
a) All activities or programs sponsored by community service clubs and fraternal organizations, such as: • Rotary, Kinsmen, Optimists, Lions, Women’s Institutes and Knights of Columbus
b) Post-secondary educational institutions wishing to use facilities to offer courses/programs, which are part of their curriculum.
c) All activities or programs sponsored by federal, provincial or municipal governments, such as: • Political meetings open to the public • Activities of municipalities, health unit, public library, etc. • Athletic programs of municipal organizations such as baseball and hockey, soccer etc.
d) Religious groups wishing to hold services or meetings of churches or equivalent (Youth Groups exempt) e) Private groups for non-commercial, non-fundraising purposes, such as: • Family reunions, wedding anniversaries, wedding receptions, music/dance recitals
f)  Adult activity/recreational groups other than a recognized Reciprocal group-not for profit.
Group C – Commercial (full fees)
Activities sponsored by a profit-making group or individual. Admission may or may not be charged. If admission is charged, funds derived are for the benefit of the organization. Examples include: • Public concerts, dances and other social functions where the purpose is to make a profit to directly benefit them or their members • Unions or federations unless all those in attendance are employees of the board • Activities of board employees that are not directly related to their work or sponsored by the board • All other individuals/groups not included in Groups A, B and D.
Group D – Reciprocal Agreements – Exempt from fee Use of school facilities for events sponsored by organizations with whom the board has a reciprocal agreement.
Group E – Music Teachers Use of school by Music Teachers, only where there is a suitable space in the school and the permit is approved by the principal.