Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. The Avon Maitland District School Board reserves the right to cancel a permit if it is necessary to use the reserved accommodation for school use. Permit cancellations will be made only as a last resource. The group will be notified of the cancellation and offered an alternative date or location. The board assumes no responsibility for any additional expenses or inconveniences as a result of such cancellation or alteration to a permit.
  2. All use of schools by outside groups shall be canceled when schools are closed due to inclement weather or any other causes beyond control of the school board.
  3. Minimum 48 hour notice is required to cancel bookings to avoid a $25 cancellation fee. Refund of rental charges will be made only if the rental office is notified at least 3 days before the event occurs.
  4. A no-show fee of $10.00 per incident will be added to the cost of the permits for groups who fail to use the booked space at any time, without providing notice of cancellation within 48 hours.